Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ennui, Anyone? Disconnect Between Fan-Blogger and Actual Team Fails To Stir Notice In Blogosphere

Thursday night's game between the Lightning and Flyers was incredible. It was a game-of-the-year type of match, and all I can say is that I was aware of what was going on, although I couldn't really watch or listen.

I often don't see the games. That's actually very rare for me. On nights when I'm not working, I've usually had the game on the radio.

This year, although my schedule has now changed giving me my nights free, I still don't get to hear the games. As my son grows, he requires full engagement from his Daddy in the few hours between me getting home from work and him going to bed. Although the radio is occassionally on, my attention is entirely elsewhere. Usually reading books, or playing with LEGO or play-dough.

Day-to-day I'm paying attention to the game, and specifically the Lightning, but I do not have the engagement that I have had during other seasons. I find my attention too divided.

I think of things to say about the team, about the bigger issues and events in the game, but where are the three hours to sit and type a blog entry going to come from? I just can't prioritize this process at the moment.

Admittedly, I've stretched myself pretty thin. I'm now in a situation where I'm looking at how I'm dividing my time, and I'm seeing things that just need to be cut.

The Lightning is something that never gets cut. I can't switch off my love of hockey, or my obsession with this team. And since my actual blogging has dwindled down to nothing since the beginning of the season, I won't even say it will be cut. But I will say that I will no longer feel pressured to come up with a blog when I really don't have time to do it anyway.

So, I'm probably going to step back from this for a while (I obviously already have, but this will be an actual post addressing the fact.)

My twitter feed and this blog will continue to exist, and I expect to still make occassional entries here and at Raw Charge. Other projects, such as my work over at, will be winding up in the spring. We'll re-evalute this whole "web-presence" thing then.



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  1. Always understandable Nolan. Personal life always comes first.