Thursday, February 3, 2011

Centennial Posting Wasted on Caps-Bolts Preview?

"(H)ungry... desperate... fight... Do anything... nasty... hack... whack... a shot in the face... Don’t stop... ferocious...”

That was Washinton Capitals' forward Brooks Laich on what he expects from Friday night's tilt between the Capitals and the Lightning, taken from the Caps' official game preview. (Read the unedited text here). And while the unedited version isn't as insane sounding, it is still pretty violent. But that's what we've come to expect from Lightning-Capitals games, isn't it?

The White Bear Casino outside of Carlyle, Saskatchewan lists the over/under for fights in this game at 1.5. I'm putting five bucks on the over.

But I'm not going to spend all my time in MY HUNDREDTH FROZEN SHEETS HOCKEY BLOG ENTRY talking about the violence that is sure to come in Friday's game. Instead, I'm going to talk about whether or not Dwayne Roloson will score a pair of "Magic Thirds."

Will he earn a third consecutive shutout, having blanked the Leafs and Flyers in his last two starts? And...

Will he blank the Capitals for the third consecutive time, after beating them 1-0 on January 4th and 3-0 on January 12th?

Ah, three consecutive shutouts, as well as three consecutive shutouts against the team's most meaningful rival... that would be sweet. And possible. You might think I'm jinxing the hell out of them by going on like this, but I pointed out at the Raw Charge page after Roli blanked the Leafs that if he keeps racking up shutouts the way he is, then he might touch or even eclipse the club's single season record, and it didn't jinx him at all. He blanked the Flyers in the very next game. So I'm not worried.

After all, let's be honest: it's unlikely that anything I say on this blog will actually affect the outcome of any games, ever, anywhere.

Here are a few notables about this game:

Ryan Malone is taking his turn being the hurt Lightning forward, following Gagne, Lecavalier and Downie. Stamkos and St. Louis better watch themselves when "Bugsy" gets back, because this is a freaky trend. Malone is "doubtful," and d-man Mike Lundin is "questionable." I like how existential the injury reports are getting.

The Capitals lead the league in overtime/shutout losses with ten, and have only three wins in their last ten games (3-3-4). The Lightning have won six in a row.

Do you remember when Washington was still an unbeatable steamroller? I do. I was still able to leave the house without wearing a scarf and jacket.

It must be creepy for the Capitals to face a divisional opponent that's actually ahead of them in the standings, since it's literally been years since it's happened. That's likely why so much blood-thirsty rhetoric is being spouted in their camp. And hungry, desperate, nasty, ferocious opponents should not be taken lightly. And neither should that Ovechkin fellow, who can score sometimes (all the time against the Maple Leafs) and has a haircut more annoying than Matt Cooke and Chris Pronger combined. Check it out:

Anyway, it should be a good game. I hope to see it, although I probably won't. The entire Frozen Sheets Hockey staff is taking me out to celebrate the ONE HUNDREDTH POST, and I probably won't make it home until Sunday. If you see me wandering broken-headedly through the streets, let me know who won. Cheers.

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